Attention Entrepreneurs! Here's the Key to Positioning Your Market so NO Competition Can Touch You!

"Nine Out Of Every Ten Small Businesses Fail Within Five Years. 
Here's How To Overwhelmingly
Stack The Deck In Your Favor!"


The Foundational Secret Fortune-500 Companies Know that can
Secure your Small Business in any Economy!

(When you master this technique, there's never a need to compete,
no need to "spy" on anyone's keywords,
no need to twist anyone's arms to buy from you! 
You are completely free to own your market!)

Dear Entrepreneurial Friend,

     Are you fed up with the constant worry of having to out-perform your competition in order to stay on top of your marketing game?  Do you secretly fear that you won't be able to sustain the 24/7 demands of creating visibility online and that your business could end up a "statistic"  like so many others?

     Many online entrepreneurs have been led to believe that if they let down their guard for one moment, their competition will swallow them alive.  That the only way to survive is to use high-testosterone marketing and slam their clients down for the three-count in order to wrestle out a little profit.

     I'm here to tell you that you can sweep those irrational fears from your mind forever.  In fact, I want to share with you a massively powerful strategy that can position you in a coveted place of literally owning your market to the point that you have no competition.  It's the secret combination makes your customers immensely loyal and crazy to "drink you up!"

     Imagine securing and implementing this foundational business secret of Fortune 500 companies.  While other small businesses around you gasp for air, you sail by, amassing even more loyal customers each day.

     Well, I'm about to share with you the exact branding techniques to power up your business during any economy instead of losing fuel and fizzling short of profit.  Strangely enough, it's one few strategies small business owners ever implement!

     You've heard the stats, and you may have wondered if you'd be one of the handful out of every hundred whose business survived after five years.  Some researchers report that currently 8 of every 10 businesses fail in their very first year!

     Well, there's a huge reason most entrepreneurs end up tossing in the proverbial towel.  And the fantastic news is that the entire downward spiral can be avoided if business owners took the time to build a solid foundation in one little-known area before investing in products or driving traffic to a website.

     Let me share with you a valuable tip that almost no one who starts a business knows. (I sure didn't when I began!)

If Every Entrepreneur Implemented these
Foundational Secrets from the Start,
the Stats for Successful Businesses Would Multiply 100-Fold!


     The cornerstone of building a profoundly profitable business involves setting up an inside-out system of congruity.  This means every aspect of your business has to deliver the same message in order to build trust and the coveted psychological connection with your website visitors.

      I've watched the same scenario repeat itself again and again.  Once a company gets congruity "right," profits go through the roof.  I know that creating a foundation of crystal clear agreement within every aspect of your business catapults your business farther, faster - guaranteed!

     See, congruity is the foundation on which your business is built.  Dig deep and you can go as high and as far as you can dream.  You're on unshakable, rock-solid ground.  Skip the time investment in developing your foundation, and you will be like the man who built his house up on the sand.  The storm raged, the waves rushed the land, and his house was completely destroyed.

     To be blunt, congruity spells more profits - period.  Congruity positions your business in a way that draws clients to you consistently, regardless of the ups and downs of the market.

    But building congruity isn't as simple as it sounds.  I'm not just talking about the colors of your site or your tag line, though that's all part of it.

     I'm talking about, from the foundation up, building a brand that sets you on a pedestal where everyone knows who you are and what you stand for.

A Real Life Example of How Lack of Congruity Kills a Business

     Think with me for a second about three familiar companies.  Two continue an upward climb, while one sinks farther and farther down.  The corporations?  Walmart, Target, and K-Mart.

     Which of the two portray a clear message as to what they stand for?

     When most people think of Walmart, they get a picture of "low prices everyday."

     Target brings about a feel of "affordable, but a bit higher end" than Walmart.

     And K-Mart?

     Well, they sell Martha Stewart bedspreads along side of their blue-light specials.  So who knows what they really stand for?  Their muddled message has resulted in closed stores and empty parking lots.

     So what do you stand for?  Does your business have a clear, unmistakable call that compels customers your way?  Or are you scrambling, watching others' businesses take off while leaving you in the dust?


     How the Secrets of Correctly Branding Your Business
Can Triple Your Profits!


     From this moment on, you can discover the stealth business strategies of branding from a gentleman who's turned failing corporations around as well as transformed small businesses into power-house solo-preneur companies.  These are the kind of psychological branding and selling insights you won't hear from most, if any, so called internet marketing "gurus."

     I've owned my own business for 21 years, and in that time I have seen dozens of dear friends give up their own dreams of running a successful, profitable business.  One of the reasons my own business thrives, regardless of the economy or Google antics, is because I consult with one of the foremost branding consultants in the country - Phil Davis of Tungsten Branding.

     And I've teamed up with Phil to bring you the inside knowledge of how to build your dream business rock solid.  We're going to align every jot and tittle about your business in a fashion that draws customers to you like flies to maple syrup.

     See, when you've built your brand authentically, then congruity becomes the thread which knits all your profit streams together.  Establishing your crystal clear message like a clarion call  throughout every part of your business is like planting your business beside an ever-flowing stream.

     We've created this one of a kind course in which you can learn the branding secrets of multi-million dollar companies for a drop in the bucket investment.

     There's no skimping in this course, either.  You're getting the exact information for which corporations have happily paid tens of thousands of dollars.


Radiant Branding: How to Create a Consistent Brand for Your
Business that Attracts Clients to You Almost Effortlessly!

Five Riveting Tell-All Calls with
One of the Country's Foremost Branding Experts!

"When you discover what business you are really in and what do you do that makes customers love you, the world is suddenly
full of possibilities!


   In the Radiant Branding: How to Create a Consistent Brand for Your
Business that Attracts Clients to You Almost Effortlessly!
Course, You'll Discover...

Radiant Branding Pre-Call :  Distilling the Essence of Who You Are into a Brand that Will Magnetize Your Audience!

how taking the time to securely brand your business and your mission can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars more per year

the #1 mistake entrepreneurs make in a slower economy that devastates the foundation of their businesses and how to avoid it like the plague!

how to craft your webpage to deliver your brand in a complete way so that your clients feel certain about working with you

how to distill the essence of who you are in half a dozen power words that magnetize your audience

the power of "refined intention" to open up streams of income into your business

how to create those mental shifts that propel you toward success

the difference between busy and productive – get clear on these definitions and move ahead without all the obstacles that force you to work twice as hard


Radiant Branding Call #1  How to Own Your Market - Almost Effortlessly!

how to find the coveted sweet spot where your marketing flows effortlessly from the inside of you (no need to compete, no need to "spy" on anyone's keywords, no need to twist anyone's arms to buy from you!  Herein lies true entrepreneurial freedom!)

the lasting power of internal congruency to attract new business, new opportunities and new revenue streams

powerful secrets of making the 80/20 rule work for you

how to transform opposition into purpose  (position yourself so that every storm blows you toward your goal)

how to break down what you do to the bare ingredients and then recompile them into multiple products and services that fit your brand like hand in glove

surefire way to make sure your business topples as it grows (AHEM! You do NOT want to do this!)

how knowing your true motivation can substantially increase profits as well as help you operate your day from freedom instead of coersion 


Radiant Branding Call #2  Power-up Your Word-of-Mouth Marketing!

mastering the art of natural marketing (putting yourself out there so that others are drawn to you – through word of mouth) vs forced marketing (which can cost millions)

rediscovering your identity as an entrepreneur and breaking out of all self-imposed limitations and labels.

the situations in which lowering your prices can decimate your business

how setting yourself apart from the crowd of competitors as unique positions yourself for higher streams of income

the power of aligning intention and goals so that you set yourself up for achievement of the goal or something even better

how to set yourself up to succeed in any and every venture you undertake

by being benefit-defined vs product-defined  helps you create a loyal band of followers and buyers who'll stick with you through thick and thin


Radiant Branding Call #3   Magnetize Your Audience with Your Crystal Clear Message

harnessing the power of "defining language" to create a wealthy place in your life and business

exactly how to communicate with your potential clients to have them excited and lined up to work with you

determining your own unique, secret recipe for having customers come to you (think "NO competition")

the 8 areas of business in which you must communicate who you are in order to gain keep profits flowing

5 key ways to focus on your priorities, carrying through with your marketing and achieving more in less time

7 methods of broadcasting your business online

how to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry, gaining respect and a host of consistent followers

you can coexist with competitors in the same space and be fearless - you are no longer competing, but growing your business exponentially!

how to bring products into your business that solidify your brand and bring in even more profits

the key to using relevancy in your business to expand your income streams  (if the market dries up in one area, you're not even phased, but continue bringing in profits)

how to have your competitors sending you business, voluntarily and happily!

how to move into the power of being free to create any possibility in your business


Radiant Branding Call #4 - Creating Visibility and Stickability

40% of your business income will come from a different revenue stream in five years.  Here's how to tap into that new revenue stream now.

the art of making it easy to buy (customers love this!)

the common ingredient that makes your customers crazy to "drink you up!"

Three keys to creating 1000 Watt Visibility for your business

how to engage your potential customers on multiple levels (bringing in multiple streams of income from the same clientele!)

how to leverage automation so that marketing is as hands-off as possible

free ways to attract eyeballs and eardrums to your business

the secret to using paid media to get leads (careful or you could be totally wasting your money)

practical techniques to create greater visibility for your business

        The Radiant Branding: How to Create a Consistent Brand for Your Business that Attracts Clients to You Almost Effortlessly! Course serves up

  • 5.5 hours of audio classes with Phil and myself that you can download to your computer or ipod/mp3 player or burn to CD’s
  • Worksheets for each class (in PDF format) to help you apply the material
  • Delivered in an easy-to-manage format so that you can listen and access all the course materials at your leisure (no overwhelm allowed!) 

You've Never Heard Calls Like This! 
Participants Literally Cheer, Cry, and Celebrate Throughout!

         Now, these are not your average marketing calls.  In fact, the participants on the call were so excited, they nearly broke out in applause in certain spots!

“That was the most amazing call! I hate marketing, and even debated getting on the call because I hate all the marketing rhetoric that the ‘gurus’ spew at us!  This was the most different marketing call I have ever been on!  I have posted a few of the things I learned on the Thoughts Alive forum — that’s how excited I was about the call!  I loved how he was all about who we are at the core, and not about portraying an image to the public.  I felt like I got so much value out of the calls, and I wanted to thank you for putting this whole program together!” - Alisa Hancock of


“There were some things Phil said that actually gave me chills! I am in the process of defining my message too, and his technique to ask, “So I can what” is fabulous! I look forward to taking his class!” - RossAnne Gibson


"Finally!  After years of floundering, wondering how to tie together the endless products and services I enjoy offering, I finally "get" who I am, what I uniquely offer and how to share that in a congruent way for my clients!   The insights Phil shared on the call really helped me see how I could bring in more money simply by seamlessly weaving my brand into all I do. 

"I have listened to dozens if not hundreds of telecalls regarding business, and rarely have I been this engaged, almost on the edge of my seat, soaking up every word like a sponge.

"This training is worth thousands of dollars, Marnie!  The Radiant Branding Course is one of the wisest investments one could make in his/her business!  Thank you!" - Lisa Rae Preston


       Now, if you've read this far, you're the kind of person who's tired of trying to compete with every other marketer in your niche.  You want to set yourself apart so that clients immediately see the benefits you offer and run toward you!  Radiant Branding is the key to making that a reality.

       If you're ready to play big, to own your market completely, then the powerful branding and continuity techniques Phil shares in this exclusive course will inject new life into your business!

       I'm completely serious when I say that these are the secrets Phil shares with corporations for thousands of dollars.  And we're putting them together in an affordable package so that the small business owner can profit and play with the big guys - and the possibility exists to even outperform them!

       Right now, you can access the entire Radiant Branding: How to Create a Consistent Brand for Your Business that Attracts Clients to You Almost Effortlessly!  course for just a one time payment of $179 $97.

        There's absolutely no risk whatsoever.  In fact...

Access the entire Radiant Branding: How to Create a Consistent Brand for Your Business that Attracts Clients to You Almost Effortlessly! course and implement these cutting edge techniques to set your business up for success from the ground up.  If you are dissatisfied with the course in any way, let me know within 56 days, and you'll get every red cent you paid to me refunded to you, no questions asked.  We want you to be 110% satisfied with your purchase and with the quality of training offered in Radiant Branding!

Click the order button below to gain instant access to the entire Radiant Branding course!

You'll be able to access your order immediately - no matter what time of day or night!

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You will receive the download links immediately upon ordering. 


         With the Radiant Branding: How to Create a Consistent Brand for Your Business that Attracts Clients to You Almost Effortlessly!  course, you'll position yourself as the trusted leader in your industry and position your business as THE solution for your clients!

         Here's to your success!

         Marnie Pehrson and Phil Davis

P.S.   When you master Phil's continuity techniques, there will never be a need to compete,
no need to "spy" on anyone's keywords, no need to twist anyone's arms to buy from you! 
You are completely free to own your market!

P.P.S   Remember that you can try the course out for 56 days  - no risk whatsoever.   Try out the strategies in Radiant Branding and watch how your crystal clear brand attracts clients to you.  If you are dissatisfied in any way, we'll refund every penny!

P.P.P.S   Taking the time to securely brand your business and your mission can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars more per year.  Radiant Branding: How to Create a Consistent Brand for Your Business that Attracts Clients to You Almost Effortlessly! will show you the steps to setting your business apart as the only solution for your clients!